Modern Needlepoint Kits

Modern needlepoint canvases allow you to put a contemporary spin on a centuries-old art form. Whether you’re hoping to stitch something to be framed, put in a drink tray, or stitched to your favorite tote, this versatile craft allows you to create all kinds of art. 

Needlepoint art lends character and originality to any space. No two pieces are alike, so your work will communicate your tastes and personality in a wholly unique way. 

Read on to learn more about our modern needlepoint kits, canvases, and thread, or get in touch with The Needlepointer today to bring your questions to a needlework professional and enthusiast.

What Are Contemporary Needlepoint Designs? 

This isn’t your grandmother’s needlepoint. 

Our contemporary needlework options convey modernity, with some canvases being designed by young artists who emphasize simplicity and minimalism, while others are designed by older leaders of avant-garde style. 

Your needlepoint pieces will become heirlooms, so we take pride in offering a huge variety of modern canvases for you to choose from. Looking for bold colors and strong geometric patterns? How about pop-culture-inspired scenes? Whatever your tastes, our needlepoint store has you covered. 

While in the past, needlepoint has had the reputation of being a senior hobby, needlework is now becoming an increasingly popular hobby among crafters of all ages. Gone are the days when needlepoint was considered a granny hobby and now are the days that this dynamic art form is available to all ages. 

Meet Our Contemporary Needlepoint Designers 

Here at The Needlepointer, we work with talented needlepoint designers to create contemporary needlepoint ideas that tell a story and earn a place on your wall, handbag, or quilt. 

Two of the distinguished modern needlepoint designers we collaborate with are Tess Kvale and Madeleine Elizabeth. Both artists create gorgeous modern canvas patterns that we sell in our store. 

Here’s a bit of background on each artist:  

Tess Kvale learned to needlepoint in 2015 and it became such a passion of hers that she hasn’t stopped or slowed down since. She values how therapeutic and calming the art of needlepoint is and uses her artistic flair to create modern needlepoint designs that reflect her love of travel, culture, and nature. 

Madeleine Elizabeth began her needlepoint journey at a very young age, learning the craft from a local shop owner in her area. She has created stitching guides in the past and now designs contemporary needlepoints that reflect her whimsical, vibrant personality and love of life.  

Our Modern Needlepoint Designs

Tess and Madeleine are just two of the many artists who create breathtaking needlepoint designs for us. If you are looking for inspiration to get your creative gears turning, here is a small sampling of the modern needlepoint designs available at our shop:

  1. Mod Birds

  2. Contemporary Geisha

  3. Modern Tulips

  4. Modern Rose

  5. Modern Geometry

  6. Pink Modern Wreath

  7. Mid-Century Modern – Birds in the Grass

  8. Modern Magnolia

  9. BJ – Modern Rose

  10. Star – Modern Art

  11. Hearts Galore

  12. Fairy on Poppies

  13. Floral Vase 2

  14. Patterned Seahorse

  15. Patterned Starfish

  16. Solar System

  17. Jar Of Flowers

  18. Flowers

  19. Royal Tudor Jewels

  20. Ikat – Hana

As you can see, there’s a lot of variety among modern needlepoint canvases, but some commonalities shared are the presence of strong shapes, bold lines, texture, and vibrant colors. 

These elements all communicate the (sometimes vague) principles of modern art. 

In addition to all of the above-listed modern needlepoint designs, The Needlepointer sells more than a thousand other canvas designs that lovers of contemporary art may choose as their next project. 

Where To Get Modern Needlepoint Kits 

We offer a custom kitting service to help you create the modern masterpiece that your home is missing. Our needlepoint connoisseurs can assist you (either in-person or via phone call) in gathering the supplies that you need for your modern needlepoint. 

The steps in our kitting service are: 

  1. Choose your canvas design. You may choose from one of the designs listed above or one of the others on our website. 

  2. Choose your thread. At The Needlepointer, we have a spacious thread room that is loaded with all different types of threads including wool, silk, and novelties, so regardless of what you enjoy stitching with, we have you covered. 

  3. Choose your accessories. If you want to spice up your modern design with several novel accessories, our needlepoint specialist can help you choose some to go in your needlepoint kit. 

And voila! You have yourself a modern needlepoint kit that is ready to be crafted or gifted. On top of our custom kitting service, The Needlepointer also offers ready-made kits from our Kit To Go line. 

Our Modern Needlepoint Shop

The Needlepointer is a large craft shop in Edmonds where recent and established creatives come together to enjoy the art of needlepoint. In addition to custom kitting and needlepoint supplies, we also offer classes for stitchers who are hoping to improve their needlepoint skills. 

For over 25 years, we’ve helped needlepointers of all ages learn to stitch, select canvases, choose thread, and all else. 

Order Online Or Pickup Your Contemporary Needlepoint Kit Today

Choosing a needlepoint design is a difficult task. There are dozens of wonderful needlepoint designs available, and with so many good options it can be next to impossible to narrow your selection to just one. 

Whether you need help assembling a custom needlepoint kit or simply want some stitch advice, get in touch with our team of passionate needlepoint enthusiasts to find support and guidance on your creative journey. 

Contact The Needlepointer today with any questions you have about our classes or needlepoint services. We look forward to hearing from you.

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