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Oct 15

How To Needlepoint Basketweave Stitch – Diagonal Pattern Tutorial

One of the most widely used needlepoint stitches is the basketweave stitch; therefore, an important stitch to learn as a beginner needlepoint enthusiast.

With The Needlepointer, our passion lies in everything needlepoint-related. Through your determination to master basketweave needlepoint stitch, create dynamic needlepoint projects. Give The Needlepointer a call or keep reading to learn how to basketweave for beginners.

What is Basketweave Stitch?

Though the basketweave stitch consists of tent stitches and appears to be identical to the continental stitch, there are several things that distinguish the basketweave needlepoint stitch.

One of its defining traits, and its nomenclature, is the pattern that the stitch creates on the back of your canvas. The project’s backside possesses a woven, basket-like pattern.

In comparison to the tent or continental needlepoint stitches, the basketweave stitch is one of the most unique needlepoint stitches. According to many needlepoint enthusiasts, it is deemed as more aesthetically pleasing.

Needlepoint Basketweave Stitch

How to Basketweave Stitch for Beginners

Unlike other needlepoint stitches, the basketweave is stitched diagonally.

Here is our guide to the basketweave stitch for beginners. If you are left-handed, reverse these directions to achieve the perfect stitch.

  1. Begin with a waste knot and anchor your thread in the top right corner, about an inch from where you will begin your basketweave stitching.
  2. Working outward from the top right corner, make your first stitch by having your needle come up at number 1 and go down again through the top of the canvas at number 2.
  3. Repeat this pattern of going down through the canvas on even numbers and coming up on odd numbers until you finish your row. As you work outward from the corner, your basketweave stitching will create a triangular shape on the top right side.

Basketweave Stitch Needlepoint

Benefits of the Basketweave Needlepoint Stitch

The reasons for its popularity include:

  • Basketweave is a strong stitch that creates a sturdy finished project.
  • It creates a smoother, flatter surface, meaning that the project results have a flush, uniform appearance.
  • The stitch causes minimal distortion and stretching. Unlike other stitches, you have a needlepoint free from pesky distortion.
  • The basketweave creates undefined stitches, which is beneficial if you’re creating a picture and wish to hide the stitching.
  • It is unique and aesthetically pleasing in every project. Once you learn, the basketweave becomes your primary form of needlepoint. For most beginner needlepoints, it is the preferred stitch for its simple process, yet lovely outcome.

Frequently Asked Questions

Here are the most common questions from beginner basketweave needlepointers. If you have additional questions or wish to discuss with an experienced enthusiast, give The Needlepointer a call today.

Is Basketweave Stitch Reversible?

It is relatively simple to reverse the stitch. If you are left-handed, it may be done in the left corner.

Does the Basketweave Needlepoint Stitch Use More Thread?

One of its only disadvantages is, it uses more thread than the continental stitch. Although, sometimes sacrifices need to be made to achieve perfection in looks and texture with your project.

What Tools Do I Need to Do the Stitch?

The basketweave needlepoint stitch does not require any specialized tools to complete, you only need the basic tools.

Your needlepoint kit should include the following:

  • Embroidery scissors (for cutting thread)
  • Needle threader (Nothing is worse than spending 20-minutes trying to thread a tiny needle!)
  • Stitch remover: This is a handy tool to correct mistakes.
  • Needlepoint canvas or pattern: Choose an easy pattern for your first few attempts and build your skill (and pattern complexity).
  • Thread: This is what makes needlepoint so much fun. Treat yourself to a box of colorful needlepoint threads and enjoy working your way through the assorted rainbow.
  • Tapestry needle: Choose a sturdy tapestry needle to be your needlepoint companion.

How to Finish Your Canvas

Finishing your basketweave needlepoint is the most exciting part. You can have your basketweave needlepoint produced into a pillow, wall decor piece, or anything you can imagine.

If you wish to have your needlepoint professionally finished, give The Needlepointer a call. Regardless of its medium and purpose, our services ensure punctuality and flawlessness.

Need More Basketweave Stitch Tips?

The Needlepointer proudly supports a committed community of enthusiasts. We recognize the therapeutic nature of needlepoint and wish to encourage the discovery of the world of needlepoint.

Ready to get started? Browse our catalog of canvases to start your own needlepointing journey!

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