Bike on the Beach



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Product Description

Design size: 11.75 x 11.75, 18 count.

JENNIFER TAN PAINTS, is a new departure from the gifted artist behind our favorite Pippin Designs.  Jenn also likes to paint on a different sort of canvas.  Here is what she to had to share about this canvas:

“This side of the island where this painting is from is full of personal boats and water taxis coming and going. There are some cars and the golf carts that people use to slog luggage and groceries up to their cabins, but the island is also full of bikes. To me they have the look of beach bikes, happy running down the bumpy roads (the potholes get filled in with clam and oyster shells left over from feasts) but also happy leaning up against a log, enjoying the view and the peace until it’s time to take off again.”



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