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Product Description

Enjoy the Sweeter Things in Life

Dark and mysterious, sweet and creamy, rich, delicious, delightful, and sometimes surprising, there’s no more universal language of love than Chocolate. The ancient Aztecs believed that Chocolate was a gift from the gods to celebrate humanity. Today, we give the gift of chocolate celebrate each other, console our sorrows, and lift our spirits.

Enjoy the mystery and decadence of our newest club: A Box of Chocolates. This club features 28 chocolate truffles staged in a heart shaped box, with an additional small square box to share these tantalizing treats with a very deserving friend.

Designed by Melissa Shirley and our very own JL Canvas, you are sure to love this box of chocolates that never melts, never has the good ones missing, and always shares the love (without the love handles). It’s the perfect reminder to enjoy the sweeter things in life.

Each month you will receive two small truffle canvases, fibers, and a uniquely crafted stitch guide. Some threads will be shared between designs – these threads will not be included the second time they are used.

Starting in February 2022.

$44 per canvas (2 each month) 

$9.95 per stitch guide (1 guide for both chocolates each month)

Threads – TBD

Design sizes vary – on 18 count canvas – Finished design size varies .75″ – 1.5″ x 1″ – 1.5″

Sign up online, call 425-252-2277 or email

You will be billed for the last month of the club when the first installment is shipped, which will be held as a deposit and credited back when the final club installment is sent. If you cancel before the club is complete, you will not be reimbursed for your prepayment of the last club installment. After your first shipment, you will be billed monthly when your canvas, stitch guide and threads are sent.

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