Tara’s Chair



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Product Description

Design size: 9.5 X 12, 18 count.

JENNIFER TAN PAINTS, is a new departure from the gifted artist behind our favorite Pippin Designs.  Jenn also likes to paint on a different sort of canvas. Here is what she to had to share about this canvas:

“I have a favorite wooden chair at my house.  After happily getting it for free from my parents I sheepishly paid what seemed like a lot for bright yellow-orange paint and the necessary tinted primer to make sure it glowed like yellow orange chairs must do, but it’s been a friend that makes me happy ever since.  It’s been a subject of quite a few paintings so I figure I’ve paid off that expensive paint by now.  For this painting I decided to change the colour to white and it ended up being one of my favorite versions, and this was cemented by it being bought by one of my favorite collectors.”



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