Tide Pools



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Product Description

Design size: 8 X 10, 18 count.

JENNIFER TAN PAINTS, is a new departure from the gifted artist behind our favorite Pippin Designs.  Jenn also likes to paint on a different sort of canvas. Here is what she to had to share about this canvas:

“When my kids were little we spent a fair chunk of summer days at the beach down the hill.  It’s a wild little beach without lawns, swings, or docks.  I watched the kids enjoy summer physics as they worked together to move big logs, re-route small streams, and build wobbly towers out of wet sand.  While swimming they were sometimes studied by seals, and on land again they would dry off and warm up by climbing up onto a rock outcropping with little tidepools. The pools were home to small but feisty crabs, quick bullfish, and teensy snails that my youngest would invite onto her hands and become close friends with. This is a painting of my youngest, the snail whisperer, her hair still hanging in wet ropes from the sea.  She’s getting to know the neighbours.”




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