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Apr 13

ROBIN KING – Opening A New Door

I began my needlepoint journey many years ago in a community education classroom in Southern California.  We were provided a blank canvas, a stack of wool thread, a chart and one basic stitch, Continental.   At the end of 4 weeks, I had something beautiful I stitched, a passion for this fiber art and an anxiety level significantly reduced.  From then until now, I have sought new and different ways to pursue it.

    A quantum leap forward happened when I took my first stitching class. It was where I was introduced to a wide array of stitches and a vast array of threads; it was when my art changed dramatically.  The world of stitch artists/teachers is vast and varied.  There are those who are militaristic and those with soft edges.  There are perfectionists and interpreters each bringing a perspective to the canvas you chose, it provides you opportunities to fill the space with interesting variety.

 In June, 2014 I attended a class at The Needlepointer with Robin King, what a wonderful fun filled week end it was.  Robin has an artist’s eye for the canvas she is interpreting, she sees depth of field and richness of color.  Her vast knowledge of the threads and variety of stitches is awesome.  The room comes alive as she uses all of these tools to create personalized stitch guides that are colorful, dramatic and interesting.  When you sit in Robin’s classroom, you have the opportunity to see her work on a wide variety canvas images as she demonstrates various stiches on your canvas and on the canvas of your neighbor.  If you are fortunate enough to work with her one on one you will be the beneficiary of her insight and approach to canvas enhancement.  In short you will be provided an opportunity to open another door to your own needlepoint journey; door that broadens your horizons and enhances your joy in the art we all love.

   Join us  June 2017 to open the door of your Needlepoint Future.

A few spaces are still available so don’t hesitate to sign up today and let’s take this journey together

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